James is an inspirational, engaging and passionate speaker. He is an expert in working with men, their emotional wellbeing and mental health.

James has delivered talks to businesses, therapists, educational leaders, school staff, young people, parents and NHS staff.

Here are a few examples of talks that James has previously delivered

  • ‘Cracking the code of Men’s emotions’
  • ‘ MOT for men – Tune up your emotional muscles’
  • ‘Developing emotional fitness’
  • 10 tips on understanding men
  • Working with challenging boys and developing emotional fitness
  • One minute anger management
  • The secret lives of men
  • Men, shame and intimacy
  • Understanding boys – Talk for parents
  • Developing emotional muscle – talk for boys

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Bouncy up-beat style, Kept us all interested!

‘James, enthusiasm  and honesty for the subject was refreshing’

‘I could listen to James all day!’

James is a passionate speaker